About Us

A Local Irish Pub in Humarock

Humarock is one of the historic gems of Scituate as well as the South Shore and a popular summer destination. 14 Marshfield Ave has been a historic building for over a century and has provided memories to so many locals and visitors as Clark’s General Store, Post Office, candy store and more.

In 2017, Keith and Bethany O’Callaghan and family became the new owners of the property and established The Voyage (names after an Irish love song). With successfully making it through the storm of the century and global pandemic in the first 4 years of operating the business, they have successfully strived to bring great food and live entertainment to Humarock residents, locals and tourists.

In Ireland, the pub is the center of the community. It’s a place to gather for music, food, and conversation. To celebrate births, weddings, the passing of loved ones. To cheer on the home team and even raise money for those less fortunate. We are confident that once you have been here, you’ll definitely want to come back. Come on in and raise a pint with us or have a proper cup of tea (Barry’s Red only). Remember there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met.

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